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Our Rates and Services


One Dog-$55.00 Per Month

Two Dogs-$60.00 Per Month

Three Dogs-$65.00 Per Month

Four Dogs-$70.00 Per Month

Five Dogs-$80.00 Per Month

Twice Weekly

$100.00 Per Month

Three Times Weekly

$150.00 Per Month

One Time Only Clean/Service Charge

$80.00-One Month Since Last Cleaned

$160.00-Two Months Since Last Cleaned

$240.00-Three Months Since Last Cleaned

$320.00-Four Months Since Last Cleaned

$400.00-Five Months Since Last Cleaned

$480.00-Six Months Since Last Cleaned

More Than Six Months-Call Us For A Free Quote

Furry Friends is proud to have been featured on KRQE NEW MEXICO LIVING!


When signing up for auto pay, click the arrow to bring down the drop down menu and choose the appropriate service option and number of dogs, then click subscribe and enter your payment information. We bill through PayPal but you can also sign up with credit or debit card as a guest if you do not have a PayPal account. Please also fill out the Sign Up For Service form and provide a good contact number so we can contact you and communicate effectively. You will be billed the same day each month. Thank you!

Automatic Payment Options-Tax Included

We offer very competitive rates for your convenience. Furry Friends Clean Up provides service in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales, and Los Ranchos, N.M. We bill in advance monthly via auto pay at the start of your service. Your payment will be due the same day each month.

 If we do not receive your initial payment to start service, your service will either be canceled or postponed until we receive payment. If a regular payment is due and is declined before your next cleanup day, we reserve the right to temporarily stop service until payment is received.

 A one time only service charge as shown above may be applied to the initial cleaning for weekly, twice weekly, and three times weekly service depending upon the accumulation of pet waste. Rates above for weekly, twice weekly, and three times weekly service are per month, not per cleaning.

EXAMPLE:If you sign up for weekly service for 1 dog and your yard has not been cleaned in about 1 month, you would pay $80.00 due to the service charge in order to get the property up to standard, plus $55.00 for the fist month of service which would cover the entire month of cleaning, then $55.00 per month thereafter. If the accumulation of pet waste is not severe, you will not be charged the service fee and it would only be $55.00 which would cover the entire month of cleaning.

Disclaimer: Furry Friends reserves the right to bill an additional applicable service charge if there is more waste in yard upon initial cleaning then stated by customer or representative of the estate. Service charge will then have to be paid before cleanup can be done. Please refer to our one time only/service charge. We ask that you try to be as accurate as possible. Thank you.

Commercial services include Home Owners Associations, Apartment Complexes, Town House Communities, Condominiums, Parks, Recreational Areas and Animal Shelters. Click on Commercial Quotes and fill out the form for a free no obligation custom quote to best suit your needs. Be sure to include the address of the property in question and your best contact number. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call us at 505-489-3213.